Retirement Options Newsletter – April 2017

Retirement Options April Newsletter:

This month our feature article is about “The Third Journey” commonly referred to as ‘olderhood’ as described by retirement bloggers and the founders of the Olderhood Group, Bill Storie and one of our own certified coaches, Robin Trimingham. The two realize that in the US 10,000 baby boomers retire every day and now becoming the largest demographic sector in the population. They have developed a marketable product in the form of retirement education and planning through online platforms that reach over 70,000 followers globalwide through social media, blogs, ebooks, video productions, and most recently network television. They are a prime example of how to face the challenges, overcome obstacles and personal fears to launch a successful business in this niche market.  

 Their perception of (a retiree’s) life is three journeys, one is childhood, two is adulthood and the third is olderhood. People are “not old, they are simply older”. Becoming older provides opportunity to use life’s experience, wisdom and knowledge, combined with financial security, and wellness offering a vast array of choices and pleasures. 

 How can you prepare your clients to re-create, adapt to a new approach, lifestyle, and an exciting new journey?”

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