Emily King, Denver, Colorado

I read The Third Journey straight through over the course of a long holiday weekend. I was amazed at how many issues applied in my life. My husband and I are planning on retiring in about eighteen months and while our financial planning is in good shape, we had never given much, if any thought, to so many of the other issues raised by the authors. Many of them seem obvious but yet we really hadn’t discussed many of them. My husband and I are probably like most people – we just don’t admit that we’re getting old and that some things will not be possible. So, The Third Journey has been a well-written wake-up call for both of us. In fact, I’ve gone back a few times already to remind myself of some issues after my husband and I had discussed them. I think The Third Journey has really been a book that has made us aware of so many other features of the older years, over and above money. I liked it.  

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